Cori’s weekly training schedule

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weekly training schedule


Open Palm Studio

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Welcome to Cambodia’s ONLY Official Spinning® Facility.  Open Palm Studio has 11 bikes and doubles as a Circuit and Personal Training studio.  Explore this site for information on Spinning® classes, Circuit Training, Personal Training, First Aid/CPR training, Lifeguard Training and much much more.  Follow me as I journal my experience of training for a triathlon (which one as of yet to be determined) and other projects I come across.

Please note that I have dismantled the studio you see in this photo but have reconstructed at Muscle&Fitness on Street 95.  Please contact me for directions if you’d like to find authentic Spinning® classes and a fully equipped, yet affordable, gym.

Why “Open Palm” Studio?  Lots of people ask.  To me the hands are everything.    We express ourselves and help each other with our hands.  With an open palm, we can both give and receive, which is essential for a truly balanced life.  The way I see it, open hands keep us open; heart, head and spirit…

Credentials matter to me – if they matter to you, you can find out more about my professional affiliations below.

American Council on Exercise,

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Lifestyle and Weight Management Counselor

IDEA membership, professional profile and contributions